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ELIKOR passed CE Certification

ELIKOR is proud to inform you about the receipt by the Company the International Certificate of Conformity with European Union Directives – one more confirmation of the high quality and safety level of our products!

The key priority of ELIKOR cooker hoods production is the reliability, which is confirmed by numerous quality and safety certificates and diplomas of various competitions.

We continuously improve our technologies in the order to increase the reliability and quality level of our products.

For issuing CE Certificate, the leading European certification center – UDEM – implemented the detailed audit of ELIKOR production cycle, starting from the moment of the components delivery and finishing with the ready product goes to warehouse.

CE Certificate confirms the correspondence to the European Standards and proves that ELIKOR cooker hoods are safe and not dangerous for the customer and environment.

As the result of the certification, ELIKOR cooker hoods are recognized as corresponded to all the requirements of European Directives and harmonized European standards.

We would like to mention that this Certificate was issued on the base of the analysis of the already existing ELIKOR cooker hoods production technology, which means that the cooker hoods produced before CE Certification were made in accordance with EU Directives in the terms of quality, reliability and safety.

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